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Build a new food circulation by creativity and technology

Alter は、スタジオオーアによるデザイン研究ベースのプロジェクト。

Alter is a research-based project by a creative Studio Ore. We are investigating the food, ecological, technology shaping the discipline of design. Our analytical nature translates in meticulous visual outcomes, products and strategies.


At Alter, which aims to use whole food to drive a new circular economy, it is important to take a fun and creative approach to projects.

After going through processes such as research, service design, experimentation, and prototyping, we propose ideas and uses for food that will be necessary in the future.


food upcycling

We collect and upcycle non-standard vegetables and fruits that are discarded before they reach the market, as well as inedible skins and seeds. By pulverizing the collected food, you can extend the expiration date of the ingredients and use it in fields other than food.

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Original Materials

In order to convey the appeal of products and services, we support all aspects of design, including packaging, web design, 3D design, and concept movies. In addition, digital fabrication is also possible, so you can more efficiently draw out the appeal of your products and services.


Design and Collaboration

As a result of R&D, we develop and design materials that are 100% plant-based and take advantage of the flavor and color of the ingredients, based on the ingredients available in the kitchen. We blend materials according to needs and applications to develop and research optimal bioplastics.


​hoods that can be handled

・Avocado and skin/seed
・Citrus fruits and  skins/seeds
・Berries and  skins/seeds
・Umeboshi and seeds
・Onion and its skin
・Egg shell

・Coffee grounds
・Used tea leaves
・Plants in general
Please contact us for further request.

*Vegetables, fruits, or plants that are discarded due to expiration or appearance issues are acceptable. Spoiled food waste is excluded.



We handle raw materials necessary for developing biomaterials.Convert vegetables and fruits into powders and bioplastics while preserving their color, aroma and flavor. Biomaterials, which are attracting attention as materials that return to the soil, offer new options as alternatives to plastic, paper, and leather.


Alter Powder

It is processed into powder while retaining the flavor of the ingredients. Not only can it be used as food, but it can also be used in pigments, natural cosmetics, and craft products.


Alter Bioplastics

A bioplastic made by extracting the starch from ingredients and blending it with seaweed. Colors and textures can be adjusted to suit your needs.




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