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近年、ウェイスト(Waste)デザインの中でも、食材のアップサイクルが注目されています。特に、プラスチックの代わりとなる「バイオマス」材は、主に可食部と非可食部のバイオマス原料を用いてつくられています。 とうもろこし、サトウキビ(可食)と木質パレットPKS(非可食)などがよく原料として使われており、2050年カーボンニュートラルの実現にはCO2を直接利用するような素材づくりが必要とされ、藻類(脱植物)と微生物利用の植物性バイオ素材はこれから欠かせない新素材と言われています。 プロジェクトAlterでは、食材のサーキュレーションシステムを考え直し、捨てる以外の選択肢(Alternative)を提供することで、新しい食の循環エコノミーの形成を目標とします。

Alter Bioplastics

​our materials

Alter Bioplastics are plant-based biopolymers. Based on Alter Powder, which is made from the skins and seeds of waste vegetables and fruits, seaweed, vegetable oil, etc. are blended to form a polymer material. The characteristic of the material is that it can be freely processed and designed, such as by printing, razor cutting, and sewing. In addition, by not using any petroleum raw materials, it is biodegradable and is a material that "returns to the soil." There are alternatives to plastic, paper, leather, etc.

Materials can be adjusted in color and texture to suit your needs. We can create 100% plant-based materials. In order to increase the transparency, the material is produced based on agar (agar). In addition, we will redesign packaging, which generates the most plastic waste, while providing unique materials that are biodegradable and "return to the soil" with unique designs.


​material features


Can be processed flexibly

natural dyes

natural coloring

water resistance



high transparency

Light but durable

Light yet durable




​How to make

​powder  Powder

Discarded ingredients and their skin seeds are pre-processed and powdered.

Blend  Blend 

Put seaweed or vegetable oil in Powder and heat it. A starch-based polymer is then produced.


Molding Form 

When the mold is taken and completely dried, a sheet-like bioplastic is completed. We can fabricate according to your needs.


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